Form No STK-8 – Statement of Accounts

Form STK-8 i.e. Statement of Accounts is required to be prepared by the company at the time of closure under the Fast Track Exit Scheme. This statement of accounts should be signed by at least two directors of the company and required to be certified by a Practicing Chartered Accountant.

Further in addition to the Form STK-8 i.e. Statement of Accounts, following documents are also required to be prepared at the time of company closure under the Fast Track Exit Scheme:-

Below is the format of the STK-8 i.e. Statement of Account for the closure of the company. You can download the draft STK-8 in word format from the link provided at the end of this post.

Form No. STK-8
[See rule 4(3)(ii)]
Statement of Account
Name of the Company:
Statement of Account as on date:
Particulars   Amount
I. Sources of Funds    
(1) Capital                                         –
(2) Reserves and Surplus (including balance in Profit and Loss Account)                                         –
(3) Loan Funds    
Secured loans from Financial Institutions                                       –  
Secured loans from Banks                                       –  
Secured loans from Govt.                                       –  
Others Secured loans                                       –  
Debentures                                       –  
Unsecured Loans                                       –  
Deposits and interest thereon                                       –  
Total Loan Funds                                         –
Total of (1) to (3)                                         –
II. Application of Funds    
(1) Fixed Assets                                         –
(2) Investments                                         –
(3) (i) Current Assets, loans and Advances                                       –  
Less : (ii) Current Liabilities and provisions                                       –  
Creditors                                       –  
Unpaid Dividend                                       –  
Payables                                       –  
Others                                       –  
Total Current Liabilities and provisions                                       –  
Net Current assets ( i –ii)                                         –
(4) Miscellaneous expenditure to the extent not written off or adjusted                                         –
(5) Profit and Loss Account (Debit balance)                                         –
Total of (1) to (5)                                         –
Duly certified by Chartered Accountant in whole time practice. Membership No/Certificate of Practice Number with seal. Name and Signature of Directors Name and Signature of Directors

Download Link:-

Sample STK – 8 – Statement of Account for Closure of Company under the Fast Track Exit Scheme in Excel Format.


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